Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How do I know if my bike is bent?

(a) The bike pulls. (constant input on one bar).

(b) The bike wobbles. (unstable at high speeds)

(c) The bike turns better one way than the other


Q. I dropped my bike, but I would hardly say I crashed it. What symptoms should I look for?

Answer. Check to see if the steering stops on your lower clamp are bent or dented where they contact the frame, this is a good indicator that you induced enough force to tweak or bend the frame. With over 1000 factory specs in our database, when we measure the bike, we can tell you immediately. It takes less than an hour.


Q. Do I have to strip my bike to get it measured?

Answer. No. Due to our new state of the art frame measuring and straightening system, we are not required to remove the engine from the frame. At most, during repair, the front end including the triple trees and front forks will be removed. Note that it is typically NOT necessary to remove anything in order to determine whether the frame is bent or not.


Q. I’m thinking about buying a used bike, how do I know if the guy is telling the truth about whether its been wrecked or not?

Answer. If you have any concerns at all, I’ d ask the owner to bring it down and get it measured. Our system provides a print out verifying whether or not the bike is to factory specs.


Q. Will my insurance company pay for this?

Answer. Insurance companies typically pay up to 70% of Blue Book value of your motorcycle. It’s up to you to decide. Many times, the motorcycle owner is shafted because they owe more on the bike than the pay off amount will be. Then, they are out of a bike and still have to make payments. Rather than totaling the bike, with a small amount of out of pocket expense, many times the bike can be put back together.


Q. What does a bike feel like after you have fixed it?

Answer. Most people say that the bike feels better than when it was new! The straightening jig and the measurement system work simultaneously, so there is no need to remove the bike from the jig to check the accuracy of the straightening. Before it leaves the jig, we know that your bike is back to factory specs or better.


Q. Is this only for my street bike?

Answer. No. This system works on dirt bikes as well.


Q. My custom one off chopper doesn’t have factory specs. What now?

Answer. Our system has a mode in which it is capable of measuring any bike other than a hard tail. ( To measure you need a swing arm pivot and hard tails don’t have one.)


Q. Let s say you measure my bike and it’s out of tolerance just slightly, then what?

Answer. Well that s up to you. If you’re Matt Maladin and earn your living on a motorcycle, then I’d expect that you would need it to be perfect. But if you and bike aren’t always pushing the limits, then I’m not sure you’d even know it’s out of tolerance.